Endangered Places

Historic PlacesThe Ramapo Valley played an important role in American history.  Ramapo Valley Road (also known as Route 202 and Continental Soldiers Memorial Highway 1776-1781), originally an Indian path, served as an important transportation corridor for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and is known as one of the first public roadways in America.  Nine buildings in the valley are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Two of the most visible, the Darlington School House and the Hendrick Van Allen House, are in disrepair and in need of immediate restoration or they will be lost to future generations.The Ramapough Conservancy has been able to lease the Van Allen House for 20 years in order to preserve its importance in the history of the area. We need your help to restore its historical importance and preserve the history.
The Ramapough Conservancy in Action
The Ramapough Conservancy will play an active role in restoring Oakland's Van Allen House, protecting critical privately owned lands, engaging the community in understanding, enjoying and restoring this magnificent area.  The Conservancy has leased the Van Allen House, raise private and public funds to restore the house and then oversee the reconstruction and operate the house as a public museum.  The Conservancy will develop a map of all the privately owned lands in the Ramapo Mountains and raise funds to ensure that these lands are preserved.